Paramount Adventure was a NJ based adventure sports and triathlon club. They decided that they wanted to reposition themselves to reflect their new-found reputation as a competitive triathlon team.

Paramount needed a new look and a new name. While they wanted to look the part of a competitive triathlon team, they still had ties to the outdoor and adventure sports that the club started with. We settled on Paramount Multi Sport as a way to cater to both triathlons and the other various adventure sports. The visual system attempts to do the same with a strong, athletic new logo to represent the triathlon aspect, and the use of outdoor scenes and surface textures to illustrate the open possibility of activity.

The new logo uses the mountain shape (a literal representation of the word "paramount") as a base, but incorporates the visual cues of a bird's wing and, subtly, a wave to give what is normally a very stationery object a feeling of grace and movement.

CLIENT: Paramount Adventure / Paramount Multi Sport


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